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  NMRS-Jharana Rani Samal Research Scholar Award

Each year NMRS will give Jharana Rani Samal Research Scholar Award to a research scholar, based on the nominee's academic achievements. From the year 2022, the title of the award has been modified from Jharana Rani Samal Best Student Award to NMRS-Jharana Rani Samal Research Scholar Award.

This Award will be given during the annual NMRS meeting. Self nominations are invited by the competing student. Please send your complete CV, registered date for Ph.D., list of publications with their impact factors, copies of published papers to and a copy to in a zip format.

Nominations are accepted each year till December 31.

The awardee will be chosen based on the nominee's academic achievements. The nominee must be a registered Ph.D. student. The definition of the student is that he or she should NOT have submitted the thesis as on October 31 of current year.

All the publications by the student from the day he/she is registered as a student till October 31, will be considered. The papers should have full citation, such as, Journal Name, Year, Volume and Page Numbers. Any other format, such as, manuscript accepted, manuscript submitted, manuscript under preparation, manuscript under review, manuscript in press, etc. will not be considered.

The criterion for selection is purely on the basis of Impact Factor and the number of authors in each publication. As an example, if a nominee is one of the 3 authors of a paper published in a Journal with impact factor of 6.2, then he/she earns 6.2/3 points (= 2.067 points).

The points from each paper of the nominee will be calculated in the said manner. The student who earns the maximum number of points, which is the cumulative additive value from all the published papers will be chosen for the award.

The result of the Award will be declared in month. The awardee will be invited to present the work in the next NMRS symposium.

  • 2023: Will be updated soon
  • 2023: Ms. Madhurima M Kulkarni, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2022: Mr. Muhammed Shafeek O.H, IISER, Trivandrum
  • 2021: Ms. Dipita Bhattacharyya, Bose Institute, Kolkata
  • 2020: No Award
  • 2019: Ms. Humaira Ilyas, Bose Institute, Kolkata
  • 2018: Mr. Arnab Dey, IIT-Madras
  • 2017: Ms. A. Lakshmipriya, NMR Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2016: Mr. Rajiv Kar, Bose Institute, Calcutta University, Kolkata
  • 2015: Mr. Abhinav Dubey, NMR Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2014: Mr. N. Lokesh, NMR Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2013: Mr. Sachin R Chaudhari, NMR Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore

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